Trojan is the company behind market leading client money and case management solution, CASPAR™.  Relied on by over 80 organisations in the UK, CASPAR delivers a complete administration solution to manage the financial and property affairs of vulnerable individuals.

What makes CASPAR™ unique is that it has been specifically developed in conjunction with numerous local authorities across England and Wales.  This user-led development ensures that the product evolves in step with regulatory demands and provides the most comprehensive, future proof platform for the management and administration of the Deputyship and Appointeeship function.


  • “CASPAR has made a huge improvement in efficiency by reducing the time spent on mundane tasks such as reconciliation which enables us to put a lot more energy into vital areas such as service user visits.”

    Client Affairs Team
    Newham Council
  • “Thanks to CASPAR our systems have been streamlined and the quality of information provided to the OPG has improved and COP applications are much quicker as the system does the work – we would be lost without CASPAR now.”

    Deputyship Officer
    Nottingham City Council

Our Features and Benefits

Key Features

  • Automatic creation of planned income and expenditure transactions enables accurate forecasting both at Client and Departmental level
  • Court of Protection workflow facilities and system generated COP forms are produced with pre -populated data for Clients, Respondents and Interested Parties
  • On -screen account reconciliation and optional integration with online banking systems
  • Letter templates can be automatically populated with client data and a copy saved in the clients letter history
  • Latest statutory OPG Deputyship reports produced ‘at the press of a button’

Benefits & Savings

  • A complete integrated client record eliminating the need for spreadsheets, stand-alone databases and paper files
  • Dramatically reduce errors and complaints, and avoid accidental deletion of unrecoverable client data from spreadsheets, databases etc.
  • Free up resources to carry out additional responsibilities such as annual client visits
  • Meet the requirements for audit and the Court of Protection
  • Improve caseload allocation & management

Customer Success

  • “Prior to CASPAR, we had several databases on outdated systems with limited functionalities. We’ve had CASPAR for over a year and its benefits have been endless.”

    Head of Client Finances
    Manchester City Council
  • “CASPAR has made a huge difference to the daily operation of the Department – it’s like having a new member of staff without any personality or HR issues!”

    Deputyship Office Manager
    Reading Council

A Small Sample Of Our Customers